Mobile phones are very important to people, and power bank is a powerful energy back-up for them, so many people will have one and carry it almost everywhere.
Our skillful technicians can installed a mini and secret playing cards scanning camera lens in side mobile power banks. The mobile power bank scanning camera can read any invisible ink barcode on the playing cards, no matter they are plastic playing cards or paper poker cards.
Scanning distance and range of the mobile power bank poker digital camera scanner can be reach about 90 cm to 1 m. It can work with any generations poker analyzers, such as PK King poker analyzers, CVK 500 poker winner predictor, CVK 400 poker analyzer, CVK 350 poker analyzer, AKK poker hand odds calculator and so on.

  • User: yiya
    Time: 2017-06-28 09:30:51
  • Content: Hi, the price for CVK scan analyzer?
  • Admin_reply: Dear friend, we sent price of CVK scan analyzer to your email. Please check it.

  • User: uijns
    Time: 2017-06-27 09:53:18
  • Content: What is the value of NTP marked cards?
  • Admin_reply: Hi dear, the price of NTP marked cards was sent to your Skype. Please check it.

  • User: JOLLS
    Time: 2017-06-26 11:33:47
  • Content: Can you provide me sample of infrared camera?
  • Admin_reply: Hi friend, we sent you sample price about infrared camera to your email. Please check it.

  • User: enkis
    Time: 2017-06-23 09:51:26
  • Content: How to use the Samsung S4 analyzer?
  • Admin_reply: Hi, the usage ways of Samsung S4 poker analyzer was sent to your email. Please check it.

  • User: Jinko
    Time: 2017-06-22 09:46:42
  • Content: How much will it cost about Modiano Golden Trophy marked cards?
  • Admin_reply: Hi friend, we sent the price of Modiano Golden Trophy marked decks to your Skype. Look forward to your reply.

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