GS has many sorts of dices devices for sale, X ray scanning camera is one of the hot sale product of them, it can help you to read the value of each dice clearly.
A set of X ray dice scanner include an X ray scanning reader, a computer background displayer as well as other accessories. It is a long scanning distance dice scanner, so it is better to work it with your partners. In dice games, the X ray scanning camera will see through the hamper and read the numbers of all the dices easily and clearly, then transmit the image signal to the background display, once your partner see the image, he can tell the values of the game result to you via mini earpiece with high privacy, so it is a extremely simple thing for you to determine how to make a bet.
He other s types of dice devices sale in GS has loaded dice, mercury dices, remote control dices as well as dice cup spy reader.

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